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Pyramid Plans

These plans give you the layout & angles to construct a perfect replica of the Great Pyramids of Giza.  They can be easily scaled to meet your unique size requirements.  Of all the interesting properties of pyramids, perhaps the most significant is the correspondence to the angles of naturally occuring quartz crystals.

Unlike most pyramid plans, our  blueprints describe the edges of the structure, rather than the sides.  This allows the builder to create the exact crystalline form with elegance & simplicity.

By duplicating one corner piece & one basic piece, you define the buiding blocks of the structure, defining & enclosing the space. 

The interior may be finished to suit individual needs.  Individual units can be stacked, clustered, or rafted together & floated.  For strength, economy of materials & durability, the pyramid is unmatched.

Pyramid BlueprintsThese easy-to-understand shop drawings can be quickly turned into your own custom Pyramid Greenhouse.  With step by step instructions, even the novice builder can construct a super strong eco-friendly structure based upon the sacred geometry of the ancients.

These blueprints can be ordered in traditional 24" x 36" format and are shipped in 2 to 3 days via Priority Mail. 

COMING SOON: Downloadable Blueprints in digital form |
(AutoCAD *.dwg, IGES or Unigraphics *.prt file formats).

Please click the picture for more detailed greenhouse images